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Perhaps you've just been diagnosed with having Diabetes, or perhaps you've been struggling to manage it. Diabetes is a serious disease but with proper advice and care your disease can be managed.
Our pharmacists have diabetes training and will provide on-going education and support through private consultations to help you manage your disease.

We can help you with:

  • Improving your blood glucose control through regular self-monitoring Assistance
  • Taking your prescribed medications at appropriate times to optimize their benefits
  • Learning how to make healthier lifestyle choices in meal planning
  • Private one-on-one counseling with a pharmacist
  • Selecting the most appropriate blood glucose meter for you and your lifestyle

Other Services: We regularly offer Wellness Clinics on the diabetes care, Astma & COPD, High Blood Pressure, Cardiac Diseases, Nutrition, Women's Health, etc.

Ask Lina, your family pharmacist for services which are not mentioned here.

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